For the past two decades, Live Bait Enterprises has held fast to the truth of the value proposition represented by integrity, simplicity, and bottom-line results.  The proof is in the Miles of Smiles that line the archives, which feature successful design, implementation, and migration of large core databases for manufacturing, logistics, healthcare insurance, transportation, investment banking and regulated utilities.

The smiles occur at the milestones along the way, when the deadlines and budgets are met, the content is safely installed, and the data is readily accessed and transformed into business information to support strategic execution.  The visibility and speedy high-quality answers routinely ignite spontaneous enthusiasm from the ground floor to the executive suite.  The Live Bait Enterprises commitment to delivery on these values results in consistent and long-term customer engagements.

It's not hype, it's results, plain and simple (and scalable and maintainable and... you get the idea)!

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